Choosing Between a Used Or a Refurbished Computer

In times when the economic crisis rears its ugly head at you (like when you drop by the computer store and you find out that the only thing you can buy is a mouse), you want to make the most out of the money you have available to you.

Some sellers would urge you to buy used computers, and some would suggest that you buy refurbished ones. What is the better decision among the two? Is there a difference?

First, you have to understand the line between a cheap used laptop and a factory refurbished laptop. The differences are significant as well, so here are some tips to help you make your decision between the two.

First, refurbished computers usually still come with a warranty. Used computers sometimes come with a warranty too, though most of them do not. That is because used laptops come straight from users to the reselling depot, while refurbished laptops come from the factory where they are given a warranty all over again. The reason for this is what would be discussed next.

Second, refurbished items look brand new. That is because some components, if not all, have been replaced; the faceplates, the chassis, the buttons on the keyboard, etc. Sometimes, you might even come across a refurbished laptop that had almost everything replaced, technically making it brand new but at a price of a refurbished one.

Used laptops, on the other hand, have not been tampered with. They come in the condition that their previous owner left them in, whether that condition is “almost brand new” or “very used.”

Lastly, refurbished items are recognized by their original manufacturer and would provide support for you if you have such an item. You can phone them for help or avail of any support offers that they could have, because these items came from them.

Used items, on the other hand, are dependent on the previous owner. If he availed of support and it is transferrable, then you can have it. Otherwise, you won’t.

Off the bat, it is obvious to see that refurbished items are generally a better purchase than used ones. This is because used laptop computers generally come in conditions that would keep you guessing. You have no idea what the previous user did with the laptop. You also are not sure if the laptop fits the description that you buy it for.

A factory refurbished laptop, on the other hand, is fit with a description that you’re sure is accurate because it came from the factory.

Refurbished computers give more peace of mind than used laptops. There might be deals that you can see for used laptops that could be considered a steal, but generally, the little bit more that you have to shell out for a refurbished one is very much worth it.

Unless you really need a computer right away and you can only afford a used one, it’s better to wait to save up for a refurbished one, at the very least. Refurbished computers would surely last longer and would give you more value for your money.

Fitness Equipment Bargains – Digging For Bargains – Big Savings – Better Enjoyment

There are a lot of reasons why it’s becoming popular to have fitness equipment at home. There’s not only the cost of gym memberships to consider, you may not be available to exercise when the gym is open or you may just want to be able to get into shape in the seclusion of your own environment, without the hussle and bussle of other people around you. Some people even lose their concentration if they feel uncomfortable training while others are there.

Many of us are so busy these days with work and family that we don’t have enough time to prepare a good, nutritious meal, and the trip to the gym! Trying to fit everything into a busy schedule, can be stressful in itself and exercising should be fun too. Valuable time and money can be saved by working out at home, you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter or commuting to the gym so, alreay here you save! Besides, it can be so much easier to motivate yourself to workout when the fitness equipment is right there in your home-gym room.

While the initial cost of home fitness equipment could be a little expensive when buying new, it is possible to save money by purchasing refurbished or good second hand. With summer coming on, you’re just in the nick of time to start looking for fitness equipment bargains, whether you’re thinking of buying new or used equipment – there’s plenty out there if you take the time to look.

If you’re not able to have your own home-gym room and are worried about space, there are fold-away machines that have hinges and clasps that enable the machine to be folded together and put away when not in use. There are also all-in-one-machines that incorporate several different functions for exercises that can save space and still give you an overall great workout.

This type of fold-away equipment is particularly handy for seniors that perhaps have sold off their family home and now live in less spacious accommodation. Younger people also don’t often have much space in their apartment, so a piece of fold-away fitness equipment could be the solution to having your own home-gym.

At American Fitness Equipment dotcom for example, they are announcing huge savings on fitness equipment and if you’re located in the USA, they also offer free shipping for orders upwards of seventy dollars as well as having a five percent off coupon at their website. It’s worth mentioning too that they also have refurbished fitness equipment that could be bought at a much cheaper price. Worth looking into at least. Although we thought that a refurbished treadmill at almost sixteen hundred dollars was a bit on the expensive side.

Next stop we made was to eBay dotcom where we searched for a similar treadmill and found a new one, very similar model at just over three hundred dollars. Collection or Pick-up was necessary, but you could be lucky enough to live nearby or have someone in that area that could collect for you. There are literally thousands of good offers here for fitness equipment and very big savings, if you look for them.

A motorized treadmill bought from a regular fitness equipment store, can set you back anything between seven hundred dollars to upwards of three to four thousand – depending on the model. So, wherever you’re located, it’s really worth your while to search out the bargains whatever type of machine you’re looking for.

For example, At Play It Again Sports dotcom you can more or less create your own discount. They have fitness equipment i.e. treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, flexibility equipment, strength equipment, home-gyms etc.

If you’re looking to purchase fitness equipment and you have equipment you want to trade – take your quality used sports gear and equipment and Play It Again Sports will buy it from you outright or take it as a trade in on any purchase of used or new equipment they have in their store (the value you get for your goods depends on many factors, including re-sale potential, market demand, and condition — as they say – they do take in used gear, but not gear that’s USED UP!) They’ll tell you the value of your trade in and you can use it to offset your purchase of new or used gear in their store! So, you pick out the new equipment you want and voila – a happy customer. Worth looking into.

If you’re located in the UK, then ezilon dotcom, british shopping dotcom, bizrate dotcom, fitness options dotcodotuk are all providing a listing of fitness equipment. Pricerunner dotcom is found in most countries and where you can compare prices for almost anything – including fitness equipment.

When you search for, find and purchase just the right fitness equipment for you – you’ll enjoy your workout even more and the incentive to keep using it will be even greater.